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Barrel Buster Animatronic

When the switch is thrown, the lid pops open and a lifesized torso comes out. With crazy screaming/industrial sounds, smoke and strobe lighting. This unexpected terror comes with tape player, tape, smoke machine, strobe light and amp with speaker...


Cool to the touch and still twitching. This creepy product is sure to disturb. Foam filled latex with sturdy metal armature. Thrashes realistically. Operated with included switch or optional timer, motion sensor or pressure pad. Requires AC power and 100...
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Dinner Animatronic

Full length animated body is gutted out. His head is slowly moving and legs are twitching. Designed to be filled with 'blood' and has a plastic container foamed into the body. Perfect addition to Bubba. Gruesome! Includes movement control, digital sound...


Easy to use and set up. Crowd sounds jeer and mock. The blade comes screeching down at high speed and a strobe light kicks in as your patrons are sprayed with blood (water). An unsettling effect that sends them running and screaming! Includes body,...
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