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Dvd Ghostly Spirits

GHOSTLY SPIRITS DVD contains 25 chapters of a variety of ghostly effects. Using a video projector and a white cloth or projection screen you can fill your windows with ghosts, or project directly onto walls. Misty ghosts, human ghosts and historical...

Fright Elevator - 2D + 3D

Fright Elevator - 2D + 3D: The most realistic ELEVATOR motion simulator ever created! ------------------- 35 seconds to go up ... 5 seconds to come crashing down! Imaging your guests walking into an elevator in your haunt / attraction and closing the...
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Haunt Rules: Double Feature

Nothing is more startling than a BIG scare when you least expect it. Hi-Rez Designs: Haunt Rules - Double Feature is in fact 2 - Terrifying Products In - 1! First, you get the “Haunt Rules” video-poster versions featuring 2 sets of generic “Rules of the...
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Psych Ward: Criminally Insane 2

PSYCH WARD: CRIMINALLY INSANE 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to our original and hugely successful "PSYCH WARD: CRIMINALLY INSANE" visual fx product. PSYCH WARD: CRIMINALLY INSANE 2 is packed with THREE (3) different mentally disturbed "patients"...
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