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Vortex Low Fogger Avalanche

The Avalanche is not your run of the mill low fog machine. The all-new, multi patented VEST(tm) system at use here is by far and away the most economical low fog in the world.... The avalanche kicks out an impressive 30,000 CFM on high and can be adjusted for continuous output on different settings. The output is then multiplied by up to 500% density and volume using the VEST system (Vortex Endothermic Sublimations Technology) which transforms ice into real fog while flash freezing the smoke down to sub-zero temperatures. The output of the 2000 can fill more than one scene at a time by splitting the flow ducts, and once again using the VEST(tm) system, delivers it using no fans of any kind, resulting in pea-soup thick fog at the scene, 50, 80, even 100 feet away. Output can be compared to systems costing well over $10,000.00, such as CO2 low fog systems with operating costs for the chilling system of more than $10 per minute, or $600.00+ per hour. The Avalanche's chilling system can operate for as little as .8c per minute resulting in from 10,000% to 20,000% savings. Ruggedly built in black diamond plate aluminum, this unit is built for years of heavy service. Stainless steel grab bars down both sides of the Avalanche body make it easy to roll this right out to your staging area, even when fully topped off with the 80lbs of standard water based ice cubs on board. DMX capabilities makes it easy to fully control using a simple laptop computer as well, allowing perfect timing synchronization to your events. Inside the power plant compartment is additional space for incidental tools needed for your props or scenes and the lid locks securely to keep it all safe inside. At only 26" deep, the Avalanche fits compact behind a curtain or in the narrow spaces of your staging walls. Impressive by any standards, the power plant inside is driven by the professional grade Hazebase Classic smoke machine and is backed by a full one year manufacturer's warranty. This amazing machine comes with 2 gallons of our premier low lying fog fluid, Cryo-Freeze, plus 2 bags of Volumizer Crystals which can increase visual density and output by an additional nearly 100% and force the fog to as much as 14 degrees cooler even yet. Allow 6-14 days for fulfillment of this hand made unit. After 15 years of testing and formulating low fog technologies and experimenting with different fluids from all over the world for hundreds of hours in trade shows across the country, we can guarantee that using our ultra pure, Fast Dissipating Indoor Low Lying Fog Fluid will result in a better low-lying scene than any other fluid on the market today. If you are looking for the perfect graveyard scene, make sure to use the specially formulated Freezin Fog Outdoor Ground Formula for the Freezin Effect. Also, when using our specially formulated Vortex Volumizer Crystals which literally multiplies the endothermic sublimation process when the searing hot smoke transforms the ice into real fog, you will see an increase in visual density and output by an additional nearly 100% even yet and forces the fog to as much as 14 additional degrees cooler for the longest possible time on the ground. And, as an added bonus, the resulting fog when using the Volumizer Crystals is pure, snow white like natural London fog.

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