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Zombie Victim: Volume 2 - Deluxe Edition


ZOMBIE VICTIM: VOLUME 2 features the view through a barricaded door window with an abandoned / desolate hallway beyond with flickering lights and a sparking electric cable blocking any safe exit down the hallway ...

Suddenly a helpless young woman runs up to the door window begging for you (the viewer) to let her out. Without warning, a shuffling "zombie" approaches behind her, and the young woman goes into a full panic to avoid being torn apart by the oncoming zombie. The door shakes, and the barricading chain rattles as she struggles to get the door open to escape … but to no avail. When the zombie finally reaches her, he smashes her face into the glass of the window, dragging her to the ground for him to feast upon.

If you have a zombie themed haunt this year, this is definitely the product for you!

Filmed with real actors in 2K-HD (High-Definition) video, and using the best in Hollywood special makeup and visual effects, ZOMBIE VICTIM: VOLUME 2™ creates a realistic illusion and imagery your guests will never forget!

ZOMBIE VICTIM: VOLUME 2 should be used with a 28" - 30" LCD monitor (mounted vertically) in your prop in order to get the proper realistic scale of the characters.

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