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 3pc Clown Lawn Stakes w/LU Multi Eyes


Be afraid! Be very afraid of the blood-curdling Haunted Circus Collection from Haunted Hill Farm. Vide, Audire, and Loqui, our 3-piece clown skull lawn stakes, are just what you need to turn your home into the scariest house on the block. Battery operated and bump activated, this smiley trio emits spooky night sounds while their eyes flicker and glow. Each clown's eye color is different - either purple, red, or green. These spooktacular creatures will step up your Halloween decor and delight your guests


  • Vide, Audire, and Loqui from the Haunted Circus Collection by Haunted Hill Farm
  • Connected 3-piece clown skull lawn stakes come to life to step up your Halloween display
  • Vide's eyes are purple, Audire's eyes are red, and Loqui's eyes are green

3pc Clown Lawn Stakes w/LU Multi Eyes

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