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  Be afraid. Be very afraid of our Scary Circus Clowns Collection. These trouble-making pranksters are just what you need to turn your home into the scariest house on the block. Yo-Yo, the floating animatronic clown, gets so excited about Halloween he loses his head! He anxiously awaits the arrival of any trick-or-treater who dares knock on your door so he can spring into action. When touched or sound approaches, eerie blue LED lights emit from his chest as his body separates from his head to float up and down. Yo-Yo's clownish laughter and creepy night noises echo in the night, chilling your visitor's funny bone. Realistic facial expressions are designed to look monstrous and eerily lifelike, while bendable arms allow you to pose him in different scary positions. This joking jester arrives on your doorstep fully assembled. Use the hanging loop on top of his head to hang from a tree, porch, overhang, or ceiling (mounting accessories not included). For a convenient display with no messy wires to fuss with, this menacing clown operates on 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included). Be the wicked one this season and bring this animated fright prop home to scare your family, friends, and neighbors. You'll make a scene this Halloween to impress all your ghoulish guests with Yo-Yo the Clown   


  • Make a scene this Halloween with the Scary Circus Clowns Collection 
  • Fully assembled fright prop for easy setup - use the attached hanging loop to hang Yo-Yo the Clown from a tree, porch, overhang, or ceiling
  • Battery-operated animatronic for convenient display - no wires to trip over (3 AAA batteries not included)

47'' B/R Animated Hanging Headless Motion Clown

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