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  These blood-curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. The animatronic Baby Betty is no ordinary infant. Every Halloween, she rises from the dead, searching for her mommy… and revenge. Her cracked face is a constant reminder of her tragic demise, and she is determined to find her killer. The full-sized baby eerily moves her small hands and arms while moaning. Her long red locks fall across her face as she twitches and swirls her body, her red eyes aglow. Baby Betty’s doll-like features are adorned with a worn burlap cloak that shields her as she hunts in the night. Her poseable arms bend into various positions to beckon unfortunate souls near and far. She may be a baby, but never underestimate Betty


  • 5 ft. long animatronic baby girl zombie for indoor and covered outdoor displays
  • Baby Betty is touch activated - moans hauntingly, arms and head make eerie motions, and red eyes light up
  • Long red locks that falls across her face as she twitches and swirls

59" Standing Baby/Girl, Animation, Lights, Sound

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