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69'' Lifesize Animated Clown in the Box


Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farm's collection of spooky animatronics. Our blood-curdling clowns are just what you need to turn your home into the scariest house on the block. You cannot keep Jack, the clown in a box, locked up for long, he has too much fun taunting your guests. Motion and touch activated, he speaks 4 different phrases while circus sounds play in the background. Jack features animated head and arm movements while his eyes flicker red. Detailed head and hand sculpts with clown makeup and textures give him a hauntingly realistic look. He is battery operated with poseable arms and can be displayed towering inside a printed box, resembling a jack-in-the-box. He also has an optional hanging loop at the top of his head. Place him on the front porch to greet visitors or in your living room to complement the rest of your spooky decor. For longer prop life, we recommend indoor or sheltered outdoor use protected from inclement weather. For thrills and chills so frightening that your neighbors will run shrieking in horrendous delight, count on Halloween decorations 


  • Jack, the clown in a box, from the Haunted Circus 
  • Motion and touch activated creature speaks 4 phrases with animated head and arm movements, plus red flickering eyes
  • Circus sounds provide a festive atmosphere for your creepy Halloween display

69'' Lifesize Animated Clown in the Box

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