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  Be afraid. Be very afraid of our Scary Circus Clowns Collection. These trouble-making pranksters are just what you need to turn your home into the scariest house on the block. Jester, the animatronic clown dog, was rescued by our scary clowns and is enjoying his new life in our haunted circus until he is finally adopted. His hands and feet may look human, but don't let that fool you. This wild beast anxiously awaits the arrival of any trick-or-treaters who dare knock on your door so he can spring into action and guard your candy bowl. When touched or sound approaches, his head and shoulders move from side to side, and his red LED eyes glow in the dark with a vengeance. His deep moaning, groaning, and growling, echoing in the night, will freeze any visitor's funny bone. He arrives on your doorstep in 2 pieces - simply snap them together and enjoy. For a convenient display with no messy wires to fuss with, this ferocious clown dog operates on 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Be the wicked one this season and bring this animated fright prop home to scare your family, friends, and neighbors. You'll make a scene this Halloween to impress all your ghoulish guests with Jester the Clown Dog from Haunted Hill Farm


  • Make a scene this Halloween with the Scary Circus Clowns Collection  
  • Battery-operated animatronic for convenient placement anywhere inside your home - no wires to trip over (3 AA batteries not included)
  • Jester the Clown Dog is touch activated - his head and shoulders move side to side and his LED eyes glow red

Animated Crouching Menacing Clown

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