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  2nd Generation Black Widow Cobweb Gun. We have
redesigned the brackets which secure the ball valve assembly and the front airline
support to the glue gun. In addition to the redesign, we now manufacture the brackets
from glass fiber embedded ABS plastic. This exceptionally durable material ensures a
superior fit and reproducibility. The Black Widow sets the industry standard for
Professional Cobweb Guns.
We will continue to use our ergonomically designed 200 watt glue gun which features a
four-finger trigger to minimize fatigue when shooting webs. This high wattage power
enables you to continuously shoot webs without needing to pause and allow the gun to
reheat to operating temperature like our competitors' guns. The ball valve empowers
you to control airflow right at the gun, so whether you are shooting long distances or up
close, you can adjust the air flow without modifying the regulator on your air
The Black Widow incorporates a 1/4 inch copper airline to enable increased airflow
volume at lower air pressure. The airline is wrapped in shrink wrap solely for aesthetic
Our unique design permits you to detach the entire compressed air delivery system by
simply unscrewing four screws and sliding the airline assembly off. You now possess a
high-powered Glue Gun unburdened by the airline assembly. Each unit includes front
and back metal stands for use in this configuration
Last, but certainly not the least, the final component of a high-quality Cobweb Gun is the
glue sticks you insert into them. Although all glue sticks may appear identical, trust me,
they are NOT all equal. Use only Black Widow WebSticks for optimal performance. Do
NOT use foreign-made glue sticks in your Black Widow Web Gun.
i-Zombie offers only the finest WebSticks from the leading hot glue manufacturers in the
USA. All our WebSticks are Non-Toxic and have FDA food packaging approval
#21CFR175.105, and they are not classified as flammable or combustible. MSDS
sheets are available upon request.
 The webgun requires a continuous supply of compressed air to function correctly.
An ideal compressor can generate 5 cubic feet of air per minute at 90 PSI with a
20-gallon tank. Compressors with lower ratings may not be able to generate the
required volume of compressed air. A compressor with a small reserve tank will
rapidly exhaust its air supply and run constantly in an attempt to keep up with the
demand. For optimal results, employ a compressor of sufficient capacity to
accomplish the task correctly.

Black Widow Cobweb Gun

SKU: BW-0100
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