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Tame the wild Arctic Polar Bear! Most everyone who sits astride our massive bear sculpture takes photos for social media and spins tales either about conquering the big dangerous carnivore or getting wrapped up in a big bear hug! Either way, guests love being seated side-by-side for bear viewing on our powerful Arctic predator without worrying about a wilderness attack from the roar, paw or claw. Our Design Toscano exclusive grand-scale, furry forest bear statue is cast in quality designer resin, reinforced with fiberglass for strength, and hand-painted for authenticity as a fine wildlife sculpture that can be secured to flooring with built-in brackets. The family will love having their pictures taken with this enchanting Brawny Bear Bench Sculpture, and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their kids online. Choose our Polar Bear for a display-quality wildlife animal sculpture that transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!


    • Retailers your social media marketing will be supercharged after adding a 'share-worthy' N Big-Boy photo op statue to your location!
    • Kids will love having their pictures taken with our charming characters and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their friends and family.
    • When the online buzz is coming directly from patrons it will be received as more genuine and will generate more referrals than your content or paid ads ever could!
    • Don't forget: Include a sign or logo with your photo op statue so it will be easy to identify your brand on social media.
    • Maximum weight limit for this item is 400 pounds (180 kgs).
    • Includes mounting plates for secure permanent installation.
  • 79"Wx36"Dx38"H. 107 lbs.

Brawny Polar Bear Bench Sculpture Our gigantic sculptural animal is designed spe

SKU: NE1600177