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Butcher Barrel Shock is one of our scariest and most disturbing Shocktronics, perfect for a haunted butcher scene, Horror or gore themed room, or dark attraction. When guests first enter the scene and see this Butcher Barrel Shock they think its all animatronic. A butcher wearing a cut off pig head, "appears" to holds a barrel over his head and pours blood into barrels. Just when they least suspect it the butcher rushes at the crowd, creating screams and fright. This shocktronic is well...just disturbing...but we know it will fit perfect in your haunt. The top barrel is supported and is moved with a cylinder as water is pumped and pours out. Top pouring barrel is adjustable up and down to allow for different size actors. Comes with costume (mask, butcher apron, gloves.) sound, pump and controls. Requieres AC power and compressed air.

Butcher Barrel Shock Actor Animatronic

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