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Edgar Allen Poe is immortalized in a true to life figure with astonishing detail. He is dressed in dark regal antique clothes while wearing an expression of doom and gloom. Each figure is individually hand painted with immaculate detail and layered flesh tones. Strenuous effort is given to create an authentic Allen Poe that is as dark and dreary as the Man himself. Glossy eyes morbidly stare into the distance appearing wet and Life-Like  A Raven perched on his shoulder is reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe's lasting legendary literary legacy " The Raven ". Upon arrival, Poe comes in two pieces that join together in the middle and can separate for easy storage. Don't miss out on this unique character creation that will overwhelm you with dismal joy and deathly happiness.  


Edgar Allen Poe Static Prop

SKU: DU2930
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