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Now you can have a whole gaggle of ghosts at your door or onyour porch with The Haunting Ghost Trio! These three 6 footGhost characters have fabric-covered PVC heads with light-upfaces & torsos, draped white fabric costumes, posable armswith creepy plastic long-fingered hands, and a black fabricdrape to hide the easy-to-assemble frame. Plug in the ULpower adapter into any standard outlet & choose fromSteady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad (included)activation options to operate. Once activated, the HauntingGhost Trio will begin moaning as their faces and chestslight up with an other-worldly glow as each Ghost sways fromside to side, wailing in eternal torment! The infra-redsensor works up to 6.5' feet away & works in all lightingconditions - bright light to no light! Item includes volumecontrol. Easy-to-assemble quick-connect poles. Assemblyrequired.

Country of Origin: CHINA
Youtube Link:

Haunting Ghost Trio Animated

SKU: MR127031
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