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Product parameters

"US voltage: AC90-130V 60HZ European voltage: AC220-240V 50-60HZ Current: 10A Safety function: dual temperature control, with thermal protection power off New Heating power: 220V420W, 110V450W Pump power: 20W Power consumption: 600W LED lamp power: RGB single 3WX3PC 9W LED magic ball light power: RGB single 3WX6PC 18W LED lighting effect: red, green and blue monochrome, the color does not change, can be turned off separately LED magic ball light effect: voice-activated rotating pattern color change, halo, light spot, spider web, can be turned off individually Warm-up time for the first use: 2 minutes Continuous smoke: 45 seconds The second warm-up time: 2 minutes, smoke for 40 seconds E-juice capacity: 0.3L Spray distance: 2-3 meters Smoke coverage: 2000-4000cu.ft/min Control method: remote control, Product size: 22*17*11cm

LED Magic Ball Smoke Machine

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