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Completely chromed life-size skull chandelier, made with three life-size harvey skulls, three life-size femur bones, and three harvey jr. (4 inch) skulls, all chromed!  a very elegant and eye catching piece! It is made in a triangular pattern with each side measuring 24 inches long, and an overall height of 12 inches tall. Comes with a sturdy chain. The hanging weight is just over 17 pounds.

comes with three flameless candles, that are so real looking you would think you could blow them out, and a remote control.

this chandelier would be great for any halloween, horror, or gothic event. It definitely helps set an eerie atmosphere.

due to the time and cost in chroming allow up to four weeks before shipping.

Life-Size Chromed Skull/Femur Bone Chandelier With Three Skulls

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