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Overbite Full Overhead Deluxe Latex Mask by Rubie's.


Rubie's Costume Company are renowned, Worldwide, for their outstanding quality Masks, Costumes, Makeup and Accessories. Producing items for many decades, they have perfected the art of recreating masks and costumes of the characters we have come to love, hate and sometimes fear, from the world of Film and Television.


This "Overbite" Mask is one of the latest creations from Rubie's. It is NEW for 2006 and has just arrived into stock this September. This really is an impressive Mask, with fantastic attention to detail. The Mask has a thick head of soft hair which can be styled to give volume to the Masks appearance. The shading and colours in the Face and Mouth area really finish the Mask of nicely. It is Made from a high quality, and durable latex, and is sized for an Adult. It also covers the complete head, for full effect. The Mask is produced by Mask Illusions, a Division of Rubie's Costume Co.


 It's outstanding detail makes it ideal for a Collector or is perfect for use at a Fancy Dress Party!

Overbite Full Overhead Deluxe Latex Mask by Rubie's.

SKU: 67124
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