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After spotting this adorable mail box, every child will want to post a Christmas letter to Santa! Even Santa himself snaps his suspenders with pride over this magical mailbox that allows children young and old to make a wish and to send holiday dreams off to the North Pole and St. Nicholas. And what a photo opportunity! At almost four feet tall, this sturdy, hand-painted, fiberglass constructed box is ready with a lock and key opening so only the Jolly Old Elf himself can remove heartfelt letters from good little girls and boys. Hand painted in bright red with gold stars to celebrate the holiday season, this festive postbox will be a seasonal centerpiece and your biggest attention-getter yet!


    • Retailers your social media marketing will be supercharged after adding a 'share-worthy'  Big-Boy photo op statue to your location!
    • Kids will love having their pictures taken with our charming characters and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their friends and family.
    • When the online buzz is coming directly from patrons it will be received as more genuine and will generate more referrals than your content or paid ads ever could!
    • Don't forget: Include a sign or logo with your photo op statue so it will be easy to identify your brand on social media.
    • Features working lock and key opening!
  • 25"Wx18.5"Dx44"H. 35 lbs.


Santa's Continental Holiday Mailbox Santa's mail box is over 4 feet tall and fea

SKU: NE160124