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Something evil is growing in the cornfield! This terrifying scarecrow prop stands at an imposing 7' tall at the top of his gnarled stem and features a flickering light-up Jack O' Lantern head and chest. He is dressed in a burnt-looking fabric costume and has two creepy elongated hands to complete the look. An excellent animated prop to add to your indoor Halloween decorations! The scary decoration is easy to assemble with quick-connect poles and includes volume control. When it comes to Halloween the bigger the scarier and this Scorched Scarecrow is downright nightmarish! UL power cord plugs into any outlet. Animation: Head and chest flicker like they are burning from within Head and torso turn from side-to-side : inchesBrittle and withering on a blackened husk but still to harvest. I'm looking for some ripe souls to roast over my embers until ready to eat - ahahahah delicious! inches : inchesThe lands have been burned to a smoldering ruin; thi earth is good for nothing and no one. Come out of hiding you have nothing left to live for! inches : inchesBones crackle and crumble like burnt matchsticks fe the fires that keep me standing before you. Who's next for the pyre? Ahhahahahah! inches Activation Options: Steady-on Infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5' feet away & works in all lighting conditions) Step-here pad (included)

Scorchd Scarecrow Anim W/o Fog

SKU: MR124456
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