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16th-Century Italian Armor Sculpture with Halberd


This full-sized knight statue will protect your castle!



Our amazingly detailed, six-foot-tall, full-sized medival suit on a museum mount is crafted from quality designer resin and finished in faux silver and brass. So realistic that it even features faux chain mail, faux leather strapping and a hinged helmet that opens, it embodies the chivalry of the Renaissance and the ancient art of armor. Wielding a nearly seven-foot-tall halberd, this work of decorative art is fit for a king!

  • Kids will love having their pictures taken with our charming characters, and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their friends and family.
  • When the online buzz is coming directly from patrons, it will be received as more genuine and will generate more referrals than your content or paid ads ever could!
  • Don't forget: Include a sign or logo with your photo op statue, so it will be easy to identify your brand on social media.
  • Simple assembly required.



    • Suit of Armor: 22.5"Wx18"Dx72"H. 60 lbs.
    • Halberd: 8”Wx2”Dx86.5”L. 4 lbs.

16th-Century Italian Armor Sculpture with Halberd

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