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Add the ultimate creepy finish to your costume with our  Swamp Sticks! 

Swamp Sticks are all hand scuplted and crafted and come in a range of different styles to best suit your theme. This Pig Swamp Stick is perfectly spooky for a Butcher Shop theme. The yellow jar lights up to bring the stick to "life" in the twilight hours!

We are excited to be stocking some of  these incredible range of horror masks and props which have been hand sculpted and painted. The creator of these amazing works of horror art Brian Blair has put out some of the most unique masks and props in the haunt industry. These creations are now purchased by celebrities, collectors, and business owners all over the world. He has also created many different make-up and F/X jobs for film and stage.

6' Lighted Shrunken Head Swamp Stick

SKU: 1089
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