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Just tuck these into your bookshelf and watch your guests jump when they pass by and the books start moving and making eerie sounds! The books slide in and out on their own and are motion-activated. Great addition to your haunted setting! Clever funny author's names include Yul B. Next M.T. Toombs and more! Requires 4 AA batteries not included. Made of Paper,50%; Plastic,40%; Metal,5%; Electronics,5%. Measures approximately 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 7 inches deep.

Features: Books slide in and out on their own and make creepy noises
2 types of activation: push button or motion activation
Clever and funny titles and authors will make your guest laugh
Material: 50%; Plastic,40%; Metal,5%; Electronics,5%. Weight 2.07 lbs.

Animated Moving Books Gloss

SKU: SS73568G
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