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This animatronic character is one of the classics. The top half of Dracula’s coffin opens and he sits up to greet your guests. This can be done on a timing basis or by a tripping device (motion sensor). At the timing of your choice he lays back down and the coffin door closes. This display includes frame and cylinder assembly for Dracula. It also includes the cylinder assembly for opening and closing the door of the coffin, the controller with sound system & speaker, and the valves to operate the cylinders. Dracula can be sold with or without the coffin. The fact that we only use a high quality Dracula mask makes this effect top notch. Dracula is a half-bodied frame that comes dressed in our authentic vampire costume. This leaves room in the bottom half of the coffin for a fog machine (as shown in video), which allows his appearance to be more dramatic.

Complete Dracula in Coffin 
Sitting Up Assembly, Door Opening/Closing Assembly Only
This includes: Cylinders, Valves, Controller, and Hardware (Does not include Dracula’s Mask, Costume, or Coffin)

*Shipping & Handling Charges not included.
115V house current and 80PSI compressed air required for operation.

Dracula In Coffin Animatronic

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