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Life-size skeleton chandelier no small skeletons very elaborate life-size skeleton chandelier like model chan-2000, but this one does not have the small skeletons sitting on the shoulders. This chandelier is made with six life-size bucky skulls and and three upper body bucky torso skeletons would be great for any halloween or horror event. Each skull has candle on top of head as do the three torsos. It is built so that the six flicker topped skulls are looking slightly down, as to be looking at the people below. The over all size is 40 inches tall by 36 inches wide, and it comes with chains at the top for hanging, and the lights easily plug in to any wall outlet.the hanging weight is about 100 pounds this chandelier would be great for any halloween, horror, or gothic event. It definitely sets the right atmosphere. The nine 3-watt flicker bulbs are included! Need to allow two to three weeks for this chandelier to be created. Only way to ship is via freight.add to cart: model: chan-2100 shipping weight: 300lbs

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Life-Size Skeleton Chandelier No Small Skeletons

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