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Create a 3-ring fright fest when you bring home the SwingingHappy Homicide Clown Doll! This 39-inch clown prop featuresan infra-red sensor, eerie glowing eyes, and makes spookysounds to all passersby as his head turns side-to-sidewhile he swings back and forth on his swing. Your house willbe a circus of terror with the Swinging Happy Homicide ClownDoll! Choose from Steady-On or Infra-Red Sensor activationoptions to operate. UL power cord included. The infra-redsensor works up to 6.5' feet away & works in all lightingconditions - bright light to no light! Item includes volumecontrol. Assembly required. Made of polyester, PVC, sponge,plastic, hemp rope, electronics. Hang from any pipe.Including the swing mechanism, rope and figure, total lengthis 46 inches.

Country of Origin: CHINA
Youtube Link:

Swinging Happy Clown Doll Anim

SKU: MR039122
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