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Two tiered life-size skull chandelier with 20 skulls slightly smaller version of the three tiered skull chandelier made with 20 life-size skulls, is sure to impress any one that enters your haunted house. Some of the skulls have the jaws open in horror, some closed and some with no jaws at is about 35 inches from top of chain ring to bottom layer. Top layer is 23 inches in diameter from skull nose to skull nose an the bottom layer is 31 inches in diameter. The overall hanging weight is around 100 pounds!it is held together with steal bands and uses logging chain to hold each layer together and for the actual hanging as well. Each skull has a 3-watt flicker bulb on top that has been set deep in the candle wall to give appearance of an actual candle that has been burning for awhile. All the bulbs are included! it also comes apart in two layers and can then be shipped via fedex or ups, no freight shipment required. This makes shipping much easier as well as hanging. there is a one to two week wait before chandelier can be shipped out, since these are built at time of order.


freight will be calculated before shipment at the lowest rate available

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Two Tiered Life-Size Skull Chandelier With 20 Skulls

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