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Moaning, groaning, evil giggling, Head Screaming! Terrifying Animatronics from Gory and Gross to Horror. If you're looking for that WOW factor, you came to the right place at Haunted Props, we have it all - almost 1000 Animatronics to choose from local scary to professional grade!



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Light up your house with the coolest and scariest themes. Make some ambience around the house or just spook the whole block! Fog Machines and Accessories, Projection Lights, Wide of Scary Sounds CDS, Fake Fire, Thunder and Lighting Machines - YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT!



Projections are what light up the room or your yard! Even light up Your Haunted House! Projections can be the very final touch for that really scary scene, they are easy to set up and affordable.  They can be the show stopper to you scare fest!



Get you and your kids the scariest, sweetest, or funniest Halloween Masks! We have over 1200 to choose from. Donald Trump, Batman, Slipknot, Werewolf, Predator, Darth Vader, Chucky, V for Vendetta, Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger, Witches, Clowns, Flintstones, Spiderman … the list goes on and on!



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