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Let's " cut " to the chase, this Chainsaw Greeter is scary and fun for all. This animated prop includes sound and motion once activated. You will "cut" up with laughter watching the trick or treaters approach the candy bucket as your greeters head moves from side to side and chainsaw sounds project from the prop. The Chainsaw greeter measures 35.13 inches in length, 40.16 inches in width, 40.55 in height, and weighs 9.92lbs.

Features: Scary seated 45-inch scarecrow figure springs into action when trick or treaters arrive
He raises his chainsaw, his head nods wildly, with loud chainsaw sounds and screams
Bowl full of candy can be placed at his feet
Motion, sound, and footpad activation

Chainsaw Greeter Animatronic

SKU: TT58669
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