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Our Claustrophobia Tunnel is the ultimate experience in claustrophobia! Guests will feel constantly suffocated while squeezing between inflated fabric panels that are pushing against them. Each Claustrophobia Tunnel contains two pre-fabricated, tear-resistant fabric panels and two industrial air movers. This will be one of the best rooms in your haunted house!

The Claustrophobia Tunnel was designed for a 48” wide hallway. Since the material stretches once inflated, this effect will still be effective in a wider hallway. Should your hallway be narrower than 40”, the material may need to be pinned or hemmed back (but this is usually not the case).

Claustrophobia Tunnel's fabric panels are constructed from an extremely durable interwoven nylon material with a flame retardant urethane coating. Should a small puncture or tear occur in the fabric panel the effect will still continue to perform. To repair the fabric panels simply sew the material.

We have installation instructions and fire rating specifications please contact us for more information if needed. Simply follow the steps below to easily create what is sure to be one the most talked about rooms in your haunted house!

Additional freight charges for all international shipments.

Claustrophobia Tunnel

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