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Prowling Jack Animated Prop is a Giant Skeletal Creature cloaked in rotting ragged ancient-looking clothing with dangling shredded gauze that moves with every spooky breeze! He silently waits for his victims to come closer before he begins to speak in a menacing raspy Voice. Clutched in his right hand a bright Orange Pumpkin comes to life with an Inner Projection Light that illuminates his Jack O Lantern face with animated features as he speaks! Together they Laugh while exchanging creepy amusing banter. Prowling Jack's Eyes and Chest light up and his Jaw moves while he speaks. His left arm moves back and forth to emphasize his words.. Prowling Jack can be activated either through an infrared motion sensor or step-here pad and can be set to run continuously for scares that never end! They speak many phrases that will draw attention and bring people close, a perfect attention getter for haunted houses or storefronts. Assembly is a quick and easy. Everything you need for set up comes in one package, simply slide together the quick connect poles, snap together the electrical connections and plug in to the wall. Ready to go!

Features: Giant 7 foot Prop
3 Activation Modes
Easy to Assemble

Prowling Jack Animated Prop

SKU: MR124920
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