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Arm Grabber Mechanism

Three Movement mechanism using only one cylinder! Mechanism is designed to be used as the torso of your prop. (We recommend using chicken wire to build a "cage" around the mech to bulk out the body and to keep the clothes out of the moving components) Mech leans forward while the right arm extends outward along with the head tilting up slightly. Has 1/2" threaded couplers welded on to mount arms and the head. (PVC Arms and head not included) Comes ready to run. Requires 110V (household outlet) and 50 PSI. Included: Steel mechanism, Pneumatic components, and 12V Power adapter. Predrilled holes for easy mounting. *PLEASE ALLOW 3 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION TIME*

*To self automate this mechanism, we recommend the use of a prop controller. A prop controller is basically a mini computer that will tell the valve to activate once someone walks past the motion sensor. We are now offering the option to add on an Aamon Duo prop controller and motion sensor and set it up as a plug and play unit for an additional $85. These controllers are super easy to use and program and can be done in real time with the buttons on the controller. Without the use of a controller, the mechanism will move once you manually plug the power adapter into an outlet.*

-Mechanism with Controller and Motion Sensor




Image of Arm Grabber Mechanism


Arm Grabber Mechanism with Controller and Sensor

SKU: 3540
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