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Rocking Chair Motorized Mechanism

Mechanism designed to mount a prop on, on a rocking chair. Screw the mechanism to the seat of the chair and mount your prop to the 18" bar. We also welded on a 1/2" Coupler if you wanted to figure a body form on the bar (You can buy adapter pieces at your local hardware store in the gas pipe aisle) Mechanism moves back and forth 45 Degrees. Comes Plug and Play with Mechanism, Power Supply, and Speed Controller. You can also use this mechanism for any prop you want to rock back and forth, it just has a smaller mounting base (8"x8") and uses a heavy duty hinge versus bearings on our other rocking mechanisms.

**Please allow 2-4 Weeks for production time*



Image of Rocking Chair Motorized Mechanism


Rocking Chair Motorized Mechanism

SKU: 672
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